Positional Release Massage Therapy

position releasePositional release it’s one of the techniques applied in massage therapy for treating tender points relieving pain & discomfort in the affected area.

Main goal of the therapy is to improve the health & functioning of the body by treating & correcting any imbalance in the muscuskeletal system.

Tender points, not to be confused with trigger points, are tender area in the muscle tissue, creating dysfunction & discomfort in the movement of the body.

The treatment consist in finding the affected area and putting the patient into a more comfortable position in order to reduce the pain & discomfort. At the same time, some thumb pressure is applied to that point in such a manner that the blood is flush in and out, helping with repairing the affected muscle fibers.

After the treatment, the patient might feel a bit sore in that area or in other areas that are completely unrelated to the treatment itself. This soreness should not be alarming as its just a natural healing process.

After that, as soon as the soreness fades away and the body heals, the patient should feel better, the range of motion will improve and the discomfort will be less & less over time.

Positional Release helps to reduce pain in the ligaments, tendons and muscles, decreases joint pain, helps with reflux, and helps with irritable bowel syndrome. This is achieved by decreasing muscles spasms, ligament and tendon tension, pain, swelling, joint hypo mobility, and increasing strength and circulation. Positional release is most effective for individuals whose pain is the result of a direct physical injury or dysfunction, for example Fibromyalgia.